Massoud Pezeshkian, the New President of Iran

The recent election of Massoud Pezeshkian as president of Iran is a major shift in politics and demonstrates how his personal integrity and his progressive ideas come together. Pezeshkian, a former heart surgeon and health minister, was elected despite very few people turning out to vote, indicating that most people do not trust politicians. However, he has many personal followers due to his character and desire for unity.

Personal background and career

Pezeshkian was born in September 1954 in Mahabad, a city with many different ethnic groups. He faced problems at a young age and learned to cope after serving in the army in Zabul, one of the poorest cities in Iran. This incident led to his political awakening. Tragedy occurred when his wife and his youngest son died in a car accident. This loss had a great impact on both his personal and professional life. However, Pezeshkian had a successful medical career. He became a cardiac surgeon and then a university director before running for election as an MP for Tabriz.

Political journey and ideologies.

Pezeshkian’s real political career began when he first became an MP in 2006. After unsuccessful attempts to run for president in 2013 and 2021, he won his second full campaign in 2024, putting his reformist views at the center. of attention. He has spoken out against corruption and strict moral codes, and has fought for civil liberties by opposing things like mandatory hijab. Various parts of Iran’s complex political system have strongly supported or criticized him.

Challenges and policies

Pezeshkian will be in charge of uniting a deeply divided country during his term. He will address issues such as unstable economies and strained relations between countries, which were made worse by the policies of previous administrations. His policies, which are very different from those of his opponents, which favor economic isolation, demand international unity and economic reforms to achieve the development that is needed. His views on civil rights, especially women’s rights, will also be tested as he seeks to fight the harsh rules of the “morality police.”


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